Stop Looking In The Rearview Mirror In Life. You Can Bounce Back During Hard Times!

Right now, I’m feeling helpless, alone, and like someone ripped out my heart, stomped on it and left it there to bleed out.

I have been through some pretty hard times lately. I’m usually the one to help pick people up in hard times. When the broken are hurting and defenseless, I am always first to jump in front of a moving vehicle to protect them. See we have all been there, whether it is a loss of a loved, addictions, or just a victim of life circumstances. We all go through the pit at some point or another. Whether I like it or not, I have to figure out if I am are going just to lay there and wallow in the bad stuff, or if I’m going to move forward by facing the challenge set before me.

I’m guessing that if you are here, you either support me or are suffering yourself. Well, let me tell you it is when you decide not to wallow and start to take action is when things begin to move.

I am at a surrendering point in my life right now. That means I have accepted that there’s some pretty bad stuff going on in my life right now. The depth of the situation is not only affecting me mentally and physically; I fear that is beginning to influence those that I love. So in a nutshell, I am going to give it to God and take advantage of the resources before me and see what can be done to make some progress in these situations.

You Have The Ability To Move Forward In Life

As I advance through to the other side of what’s got me down, it is important to remember not to underestimate my potential. Life has a way of blinding us of our full potential when the storm is going on. Even Peter on the Sea of Galilee was able to walk on water by keeping his focus on Jesus. It is when we let the situation dictate our attention that we begin to question our abilities and judgment. It is often a typical reaction to even blame ourselves for the situation that we get ourselves into. Don’t let that stop you from living your life. Guilt is not your friend. We have all been through the ringer. What is important is that we learn from this and grow.

Hitting rock bottom gives us the chance to re-evaluate where we’re going. When you’re starting afresh, no fast and robust law says you have to do things the same way. In fact, doing things the same way would be foolish, because there’s a possibility that you may make some of the same slips. So re-evaluate your priorities. While this may not be the right moment to remove yourself or make a huge life choice. Making changes, like being open to new opportunities may open us to new areas or people who could be positive influences in our lives.

Finally, it’s essential that you learn to find something positive to grab hold of. The first day after you hit the floor, you need to find something suitable. A gorgeous sunrise, faith in Jesus, or any form of inspiration you can find. Find and identify what speaks to your heart, and you’ll find it easier to move forward.

It’s crucial to remember that, even though it seems like you are going through hell, you are able to get through this. It starts with you making that choice to keep moving!

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