Davey Suicide Is Rebirthed & Made From Fire

Davey Suicide.Made From Fire,


I was first introduced to Davey Suicide on a Twiztid tour a few years back in Dallas, Tx. I slowly began to take notice of these guys.  About a year later, I was able to catch up with the band at the Dirty Dog Bar in Austin, Tx for the Anti System Revolution tour.

Now since that time apparently Davey Suicide was having some serious issues with their label and management screwing them over. So what do you do when your label is literally screwing you over? You give them the finger and go public with things. Literally, every music site and blog had reported on this revelation. Thankfully, they are with an amazing PR company that gives a damn about them. They have even helped produced some of the tracks on the new Twiztid album. They are currently on the road to share the stage with the likes of Dope, Combichrist, and September Mourning!

On March 24th, “Made From Fire” was released via Trisol Music Group! This album has actually been on my playlist quite often leading up to this review. If you want something to get your soul moving, Davey Suicide can provide that for you!  The music is made with an angst like feel and is made as if they are out to prove a point to their former label by shining through with success.

This is blatantly evident with blistering guitar solos such as in “Take The Pain Away”, that provides somewhat of an 80’s feel mixed with the anthems that a band like Bring Me The Horizon would offer.  Sexy electronic musings in the music are offered with pop sensibilities mixed with new wave metal is offered in songs such as “Devil’s Night”, “The Chemical In You”, and “Dancing With The Reaper”.  The collaboration with Twiztid in “Too Many Freaks” is the standout of this record!

When life shits on you, there are only a few things you can do in life. Continue to get shit on or stand up and put a fight. That’s exactly what Davey Suicide has done here with this spectacular release in “Made From Fire

“Made From Fire” by Davey Suicide Tracklisting:

  1. “Resurrection(Intro)”
  2. “Rise Above”
  3. “Dancing with the Reaper”
  4. “No Angel”
  5. “Too Many Freaks” featuring Twiztid
  6. “Torture Me”
  7. “Anti-System Revolution”
  8. “Paralyzed” featuring William Control
  9. “No Place Like Hell”
  10. “Devil’s Night”
  11. “Take The Pain Away”
  12. “The Chemical In You”
  13. “Made From Fire”
  14. “End of the War”

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