Fort Worth Gets Twiztid!

Last night, one of the most legendary club bills I have ever seen came to fruition at The Rail Clubin Fort Worth. I didn’t see a bunch of locals opening for one big act. Hell no — what I witnessed was a mini-gathering in its own right. Twiztid was the headliner of the Welcome to the Underground Tour, but the roster of supporting acts is insane. Trilogy, Scum, WolfPac, Prozak, Boondox, and Blaze all murdered the stage last night.

Traffic and work kept me from being at Trilogy and Scum’s performance. I was sad because those dudes are fan-friggin-tastic. My homie, CLAAS, always kills it. I ran into him after his set and he looked like he had just wrestled a goat and came out victorious. With the love he was receiving from everyone around, LSP must have torn it up.


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Photo courtesy of Ed Steele

I did get to witness a Wolfpac show for the first time. I know they played The Gathering this year (and many years in the past), but I did not catch them at the giant festival. What a freaking shame. Those guys know how to tear it up and the crowd slurped their performance down like it was a cotton candy Faygo. The raps, the theatrics, and the mohawks make for a great show — but when you add dancing poles and some sensuous dancers into the mix, you have a dazzling show. I wouldn’t be shocked if Wolfpac is Charlie Sheen‘s favorite band. So much winning and tiger’s blood with these guys.

One of my beloved things with this set was not the dancers, but the crowd-infiltrating hype men. Most rappers have a hype man on stage, but these guys have six hype men. Two stay with the performers and four that don hockey masks and start mosh pits. I got to speak to one of them outside. This is what I love about Juggalos. Before our conversation was over, he told me he loved me. Love you too, brother! He also told me to check out this clip of him getting his nipple bitten off. I decided to share it with everyone.


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Photo courtesy of Ed Steele

After Wolfpac, I got to see Prozak from Strange Music for the first time as well. This homie is a legend in his own right. Not only is he a Strange Music artist, but he has much clown love from Juggalos. When he took the stage, all hands went into the air. Prozak performed a stripped-down, minimalist set. For most rappers, following a spectacle like Wolfpac would be a challenge, but when you have a lyrical skill and a good stage presence, that is all you need to win over rowdy Juggalos.

Following Prozak, we got to see sets from the homies, Boondox and Blaze. This is my second time covering both of these ninjas. I saw them for the first time at The Gathering in 2009, but they were so far away on a huge stage in front of thousands of folks. Last night, I got to catch them right up front. Seriously, how does Boondox manage to bring so much hype on stage without a DJ or hype man? He just goes out there and kicks it with the crowd.

Blaze, of course, has gone from being a little brother to a full-on master of performance. He spits every line with ease and had everyone in the place bouncing. I know he has had some headlining tours — but with the excitement of the audience from last night, he is proving more and more that he is definitely a flagship artist for Twiztid’s new label.

Speaking of Twiztid, these guys are fucking geniuses. Last night was the second time for me — but it was a much more personal performance. Between songs, these fools goofed around like it was a standup bit. My favorite part was when they talked about “drive-by assings,” which is basically where you run by strangers and hump their leg with your ass.

They covered all eras of Twiztid from Freak Show to The Green Book to The Darkness.

“When everyone likes you, it’s over. Believe that. We don’t want everyone to like us. We’re weird like that.”Monoxide Child

I think that last statement is going to be difficult for these guys to fulfill as any rap fan that gets a chance to hear their new stuff will be a likely convert — Juggalos and non-Juggalos alike.

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